Rechargeable Military Batteries


Rechargeable Li-Ion Military Battery

General description
  • The battery shape, dimensions and connector type identical to BB-2590/U battery
  • Rugged, military tough case construction
  • High energy density  
  • Remaining capacity indicator (5 Leds on the battery)
  • Low energy consumption during storage (Can be stored for up to one year without any charging necessary)
  • Easy integration into compact and light systems
  • Thermal imaging system
  • Military and civil portable radio communications
  • Remote control electronics
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Remote sensor devices
Electrical Specs

Capacity 14Ah @ 5A
Energy 200 Wh
Max. voltage 16.8V
Nom. voltage 14.4V
Min. voltage 10.5V
Max. Dis current (cont.) 8A
Cycle life(100% DOD) over 80% initial capacity after 300 cycles
Weight energy density 143 Wh/kg
Volume energy density 230 Wh/L


Cell Information

Cell type Size 18650
Construction 24 cells 4S x 6P