Primary Military Batteries


Primary Lithium SO2 Military Battery

General description

  • Rugged, military tough case construction
  • High energy density
  • Low self discharge
  • Easy integration into compact and light systems
  • Maintenance free

  • Military and civil portable radio communications
  • Remote control electronics
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Remote sensor devices
Capacity 6.8Ah @ 0.15A
Energy 95 Wh
Max. voltage 15V
Nom. voltage 14 V
Min. voltage 11.25V
Max. Dis current (Cont.) 4A
Shelf life 5 years
Self Discharge(Year) 1%
Weight energy density 119 Wh/kg
Volume energy density 213 Wh/L

Cell type LI/SO2
size D
Construction 5 cells 5S x 1P