Rechargeable Military Batteries


ELI-152 Rechargeable Li-Ion Military Battery
General description

  • Form, Fit and Function (FFF) identical to the standard (PRC-152) battery
  • Rugged, tough and waterproof tactical pack
  • Standard capacity or high energy density configurations (Optional)
  • Low energy consumption during storage
  • Charged by US Military standard chargers
  • Compliant with PRC-152/PRC-163 radio communication protocol
  • Meets civil and military standards
  • ITAR free


  • PRC-152/PRC-163 handheld radios

Battery NSN

Compatible to Battery NSN NO. 6140-01-548-7566

Capacity (typ.) 5.8Ah / 7Ah
Energy 62.3Wh / 74.5Wh
Max. voltage 12.6V
Nom. voltage 10.8V
Min. voltage 9.0V
Max. discharge current (cont.) 5A
Max. Pulse Discharge (5 sec.) 7A
Cycle life (100% DOD) >300 to 80% of initial capacity
Weight energy density 177Wh/kg / 212.9Wh/kg
Volume energy density 327Wh/l / 391Wh/l