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Military Submarine Batteries
Military Submarine Batteries

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Manned and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Epsilor is a world leader in designing and manufacturing lithium energy packs and chargers for manned and unmanned underwater vehicles.

Epsilor manufactures a wide range of power solutions including large scale energy packs with more than 250 kWh used for submarine batteries. With the use of lithium energy packs over lead-acid, Epsilor is able to offer submarine batteries that weigh dramatically less than the traditional lead-acid solutions. 

Currently, lead-acid batteries are the battery of choice for most manned underwater vehicles due to the problematic reaction of lithium and water. Epsilor has undertaken to revolutionize the field by developing a high energy density underwater lithium-ion battery pack that meets stringent submarine safety requirements.

In order to meet this challenge Epsilor develops and manufactures the integrated electronics and a distinctive battery management system (BMS). These lithium energy packs meet the demands of an underwater power solution able to withstand ocean pressure and provide long mission times.