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Epsilor’s 6T Li-Ion Battery
Epsilor’s 6T Li-Ion Battery
Epsilor Wins Two Contracts to Provide Li-Ion 6T Batteries to South East Asian Armored Vehicle Programs

The company has unveiled a new product line of defense vehicle batteries. The COMBATT line includes four batteries offering the highest energy density available today together with a smart high-current regulator enabling seamless battery integration.

Beit Shemesh, Israel, August 27, 2020 – Epsilor’s Lithium 6T NATO batteries have been selected by two defense vehicle manufacturers in South East Asia, to be installed in their new tracked infantry fighting vehicles (IFV).

The customers will install the batteries in two new armored vehicles designed to carry out demanding silent watch missions. Long silent watch capabilities are considered important in modern vehicle operation and may provide the companies with a competitive advantage as they bid on several international tenders.

Epsilor’s batteries provide significantly higher energy capacity within the 6T form factor than all other batteries currently on the market, and have gone through rigorous on-board testing. Epsilor’s 6T batteries have been already selected by more than 10 other users in West and East Europe, Asia and South America, while being evaluated also by Customers in North America.

The 6T batteries that were chosen by the new clients are part of Epsilor’s new product line of Lithium-Ion defense vehicle batteries, named COMBATT. The COMBATT line of batteries includes four different products for different applications, the widest portfolio of Lithium 6T defense vehicle batteries available today.

The new COMBATT line includes the following batteries:
  • Li-Ion NCA 4.2kWh battery, named ELI-52526B, designed for long silent watch missions, offering the highest energy capacity in the world.
  • Li-Ion LFP 2.8kWh battery, named ELP-02426, designed for long cycle life, offering the highest energy capacity in the LFP 6T category.
  • Li-Ion LFP 2.8kWh battery in a metal case, named ELP-02426-M, designed to meet the ambitious safety requirements of the U.S. Army (the battery will be available beginning of 2021).

Li-Ion Nano-phosphate 1.5kWh battery for startup and hybrid vehicle applications, named ELP-18029, offering an extremely high power density as well as extra high charge current tolerance.

“The armored vehicle market witnessed a significant change in recent years as modern vehicles operate new weapon, protection, communication and air-conditioning systems. Moreover, hybrid propulsion and regeneration are becoming common in the market,” said Epsilor president Ronen Badichi. “We are ready to support these emerging needs in onboard energy with our COMBATT product line that was designed for advanced armored vehicles,” Badichi added.
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