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UAV Battery
UAV Battery

Epsilor designs and manufactures custom-designed battery packs for a variety of aerospace applications.

Whether for aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), satellites or rockets, Epsilor’s solutions are designed to operate in the extreme environmental conditions that these airborne applications demand, and also meet the most stringent quality requirements.
Epsilor chooses the optimal battery chemistry and tailors the battery pack design to meet the mission critical requirements, such as: specific energy & power density, weight, volume, reliability, life cycle and cost.

Please contact us in order to learn more about our capabilities in this challenging specialty.


• Rechargeable batteries: High energy density (up to 240Wh/Kg), operating temperature range -55°C to 60°C, lightweight and reliable.
• Chargers: Accurate battery balancing, storage mode and battery testing capability.

Rockets & Launchers

• Primary and Rechargeable Batteries which meet full Milspec for extreme environmental conditions (2000 G, altitude, temperature, high current load, high reliability, long storage life)
• Chargers: Record battery information, accurate battery balancing, battery testing capability


• Rechargeable Battteries for use in space conditions: meet full milspec for extreme environmental conditions with a emphasis on high reliability and long life cycling
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