Li-Ion Batteries for Armored Vehicles

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Epsilor strives to achieve international leadership in armored vehicle battery technology, offering customers the most advanced, safe and smart battery products for the military vehicle market.

Epsilor was selected to lead the development of armored vehicle lithium batteries in the IDF by the Israeli Ministry of Defense Tank Development Authority.

Our core product is the
6T NATO standard size batteries, designed to replace traditional lead-acid NATO standard batteries as a drop-in replacement.

Our 6T batteries provide:

  • Energy back-up
  • Start-stop capabilities
  • Managed power controlled charge and discharge
  • Operation in extremely warm and cold temperatures (supported by internal heaters)
  • Customized capabilities

In addition, Epsilor offers lithium battery-based propulsion, storage and starter products that support a wide array of armored vehicles and field deployable systems used by modern military organizations.

The main applications supported by Epsilor’s energy systems are:

  • Long silent watch storage for mission systems
  • Large format high voltage batteries for hybrid armored vehicles
  • Energy storage for deployable communication and mission shelters
  • Combat emergency starter (see the other text)