Rechargeable Military Batteries


Rechargeable Li-Ion Military Battery  

Replacement or compatible with:

General description
  • Rugged, military tough case construction
  • Super high energy density
  • State Of Charge Indicator (SOCI) -5 Leds on the Battery for each pack
  • SMBus communication
  • Easy integration into compact and light systems

  • Military and civil portable radio communications
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Thermal Imaging Systems
  • Remote control electronics
  • Remote sensor device
Capacity 9Ah @ 3A or 18Ah @6A
 Energy 260Wh
Max. voltage 16.8V or 33.6V
Nom. voltage 14.4V or 28.8V
Min. voltage 10V or 20V
Max. discharge current (cont.) 6A or 12A
Max. Pulse Discharge (5 sec.) 18A or 36A
Cycle life (100% DOD) Over 75% initial capacity after 300 cycles
Weight energy density 190 Wh/kg
Volume energy density 290 Wh/L
Communication  SMBus